Ophthalmic Tech and Optician

Meet Sebastian, born in Puerto Rico but raised in the Logan Square area in Chicago up until 2012. He started working in the field alongside his sister back in 2017 and it was there where he started to grow in the field of vision, from selling glasses at an optical to working at a hospital with different Opthalmologist and optometrist that specializes in Dry Eyes, Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy. In his free time he’s either learning more about optometry or relaxing at a park. He has two black cats, Mia and Sayu, who are both siblings born during COVID-19. He likes to cook, listen to music and relax on his days off. His favorite quote “Everyone has things they can do and cannot do. I’ll do what you can’t do, and you do what I can’t do.” – Sanji



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